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Tasha Nicole Wright

This very impressive woman has already proven to her non-believers " She's here to stay " Tasha Nicole Wright Grew up in Hempstead Long Island but ventured in her teen years into Brooklyn. In her mid 20's Tasha was discovered on " Myspace " by a photographer who worked with Everlast sports wear. Tasha booked her first modeling gig as a " Plus Size " Everlast model in 2007. Following  came " Super Heroine Modeling " Tasha was one of the 1st successful " Plus size, super heroine. Tasha modeled in gaming conventions across Nyc.  Not soon after in 2008, Tasha had a feature 2 page Spread in " Photographers Mag ". By 2008 Tasha was well on her way ! She got the opportunity to Model for " Wilbur Pack Jr. " Curvy Womens Clothing Line & got to wear his Line down the runway for "NYC Fashion Week 2008".  Also in 2008 Tasha would link up with well known photographer " Lisa Steele " who took Tasha under her wing & produced


" Get iT LiVe "  " gEt It LOUD "

some amazing photoshoots.  Tasha has a very long "Tear Sheet" and has worked with very talented Photographers such as CML photography, K.D. Images, Brian White, Virgo View Vision, Shane Drummond, Dk Storm, Orville Vernon & the list goes on.

To add to her modeling,  Tasha Nicole Wright was the Host For " Team Pacsquad" on a Live Show, " Live In The Cave " Where Tasha got the chance to meet with & interview celebrities & celebrity Dj's. while discussing various current topics. She Also got to grace the stage with Redman & Dj Dice, With The Pac Models at the 9TH ANNUAL BROOKLYN HIP-HOP FESTIVAL .  

Tasha Nicole Wright was aLso the Co-Host & Web designer for " All City Heat " Live Radio show, which was broadcasted from " F.L.O. Empire Radio ". You can also catch a cameo of Ms.Tasha in " Body That ( Remix ) "

Tasha has some Reality T.V. under her belt, being the head producer for a new hit Reality show " Ny 2 Atl " where she was also casted for the behind the scenes content.

Back in 2006, Tasha went to School for Field Production, Studio Production & Live Broadcasting. Tasha is currently certified in every field she studied. Tasha has produced a number of shows. From " World Underground" to "Pass Tha' Mic " freestyle  battle. Some other shows she has produced is " Get off my stage " dance competition & The Real List Tv" . Tasha was also Casting Director & Video Documenting, for the independent film " To Die 4 ".  Tasha has also directed music videos for Sonny Corleone of Dutchmen entertainment and Street King music video under Borough Ent.

Tasha Assist. Produced Raheem Devaughn's "Microphone" music video, Boobe' "My Way" also "Dj Suss One featuring Maino's "Let'em Lay " music video. 

To date, Tasha is still going strong with her radio show " The Real List Radio Show " & Digital Media & Video Production company M.E.Productionz is still blowing up the scene!! And she's STILL not done yet!

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