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LadySteele is a blogger and media personality in New York. Born Alex Jones now Alex Mondesir in New York City, LadySteele was raised in the neighborhood known as Flatbush Brooklyn. She attended Edward R. Murrow High School and at 17 moved onto the Katharine Gibbs School-New York to study Fashion Design & Merchandising. In 2005 LadySteele, now married at this time relocated to Oceanside California temporarily putting her career aspirations on hold. As she settled she found it difficult to break into the industry within the large state. After encountering many roadblocks which prevented her from achieving success and separating from her husband, she ultimately moved back to New York City in 2008. Upon returning to the Big Apple once again LadySteele tried pushing toward her dream industry while working various odd jobs in the city, yet still was unable to achieve the satisfaction she was looking for. She was totally unaware of the direction her life would take her.In 2011 LadySteele was invited by a friend to attend the launch party for the 'All Night With Joey Reynolds' late night talk show. (NBC New York Nonstop) held at the NASDAQ Building in Times Square, NY. At this event she met many industry professionals including the most influential to her career progressing being introduced to someone who would eventually hire her for media.

LadySteele was brought into several companies to provide social media marketing via popular networks (such as Facebook & Twitter) to create awareness to various projects produced by different companies. LadySteele's deep involvement in each project lead to her becoming an Associate Producer under now defunct PGWWM. She participated in the production, pre and post production needs. Some notable projects include: 'The Warrior's Way Of Life'(ABC Live Well Network 2011) and 'The Sara Shulevitz Show: Legal Fashionista' (ABC Live Well network 2011 & NBC Miami Nonstop 2012-2014)

During this time LadySteele was blogging at her leisure covering everything from the latest celebrity gossip to the hottest fashion trends and current events slowly becoming a media outlet for many of her peers. As she realized she had developed an audience and built demand for the news stories she posted, LadySteele was inspired to start her own gossip blog entitled 'Rants Of Steele' In her rants LadySteele dishes on Celebrity gossip, rumors, blind Items and popular television shows and has received comparison to Wendy Williams in content and validity of her information. Her blog which has acquired over 10,000 faithful regulars on a daily basis and is updated continuously while continues to grow in readership.

LadySteele was also the Co-Executive Producer and host of a rather successful Internet radio show called 'The S&M Show' which digs into various adult topics. Listeners were encouraged to become involved in each discussion and were able to communicate live with the host via telephone and posting on social media. The show is currently finished after 4 seasons. She often co-hosted the popular Mad Mic Radio show from time to time and was featured in the late Algie DeWitt's  MAMi Magazine's summer issue of 2011.

LadySteele is an ardent entrepreneur for whom a transition from the fashion to entertainment industry has opened many opportunities. She continues to capitalize on her accomplishments, showcasing her solid work ethic and allowing her beaming personality to shine. She also served as associate producer for a feature film which was eventually shelved titled “Blame It On The Hustle”

Currently in 2018 LadySteele, powered by friend and mentor D Lawson, has decided to team up with her biggest cheerleader, her boyfriend, “E” and rebrand “Rants Of Steele” to Love Peace & Slander in the form of Podcast and social group as well as website. This new Podcast will be a cross between The Real, The Wendy Williams Show & Street Soldiers with various segments on beauty, fashion, gaming, music and film included. Using her slogan “Making The Internet Fun Again” LadySteele intends to create an entertainment experience rarely seen nowadays

" Get iT LiVe "  " gEt It LOUD "