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Chief Executive Officer 

Brooklyn Black

Mr. PreGame Radio

Social Media


Brooklyn Black is what happens when you mix Ed Gordon, Martin Payne, Howard Stern and Ralph McDaniels in a pot, and add limitless vision. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY with ties and roots in all other boroughs, Westchester and Rockland NY respectively. Black has always been immersed in the Hip-Hop/Entertainment industry from his early days hearing the stories of his father and aunt as they toured as a dancer and security for rap group X-Clan. To religiously attending VJ Ralph McDaniels concerts in his Crown Heights neighborhood. Early on, Black's knack to entertain was noticed by his mother who would vividly remember her son as a child donning a blazer and a towel over his arm and delivering sometimes adult one liners to her guests. By the time Black was ten, he was enrolled in the "Camp Mariah Career Training Camp" a sleepaway camp that provided career training in a multiple of fields including media and drama funded jointly by Grammy Award winning singer Mariah Carey and Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger through The Fresh Air Fund. It was there, Black would further hone his entertaining skills and was in the class with Reality TV stars Kwame "It' Smalls of "I Love New York" season 2 and Yahira "Ya-Ya" of MTV's 'Making The Band". 

Later on as a teen, Black would later come under the tutelage of former Motown recording artist and actor George "Dynamite" Letrell (Juice, Strapped, Law and

Order: SVU, Happy) who would enroll him in NYC "ACT-SO" program sonsored by the NAACP and it was through Letrell, Black would encounter comedic legend Tracy Morgan. Black would also start working with TJ Moses and Kadie Bryan of KT Entertainment, a promotions company in Brooklyn where Black would learn how to navigate the underground/ independent hip-hop scene.

Black would be met with trials and tribulations as he found himself in group homes between Westchester, Queens, and Rockland NY during his adololescent years. It was during this time that Black would encounter a plethora of talent within his housemates and schoolmates and it was then he realized that being on the radio was his calling. Upon entertering college, Black would major in Communictons in Media Broadcasting at SUNY Rockland Community College. There he learned radio production and engineering.

Black would return to Brooklyn still looking for a way to break into radio thinking that FM/AM were the only avenues. He discovered the socia media app, Twitter. It was through Twitter, then later Facebook he would stumble on "The Remix" with Blue Raspberry Wind, an internet radio show liked by his sister and eventual future cohost Ebone.

With Twitter providing a new way to reach artists and potential celebrity guests, Black found a newfound vigor in his quest for radio. Black started The PreGame Radio Network in 2010 and has not looked back. 

Black wouldn't let his other skills he has honed over the years fade either. In 2018, Black was featured on the award winning "Cold World Web Series" season 2 which can be found on YouTube. With a couple of director and photographer credits for Digital Media company M.E. Productionz, It is safe to say that There is more to come from this "regular dude from Brooklyn".

" Get iT LiVe "  " gEt It LOUD "

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