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Alyssa Noriega

Alyssa Noriega is witty and vivacious radio personality from East Elmhurst, Queens. As a child, Alyssa always had a special light about her that cannot be diminished. Growing up, she had a great insight of her family and the history that they had contributed to the industry. Her grandfather, Thomas “Dr Jive” Smalls, Sr., was the first black radio personality in the 1950ʼs. Learning of this, and being around her family who were well connected in the industry, it lit that fire in her. Her family placed her in modeling and dancing at the tender age of 5. She went on to pursue her acting career where she had a role on PBSʼ “A Puzzle Place” and was also in the 1995 movie "Die Hard with a Vengeance". Her family decided that her education should be pursued first. She attended Francis Lewis High 
School and was active in dancing, cheerleading and band. She then attended St. Johnʼs University as a Communications

 Major and still had that love for understanding the semantics of the industry. She was very involved in the social scene of St Johns University and was well liked and popular. But she shifted gears and moved to Atlanta and got married at the age of 20. Things didnʼt work out with her husband and her heart was still in NY where she felt she needed to be. Her uncle, Thomas Smalls Jr., who was also a radio personality, suddenly passed away and it was then that she felt the family legacy in radio should continue. She just never knew how to get her foot in the door. Alyssa went to high school with Brooklyn Black and upon casual conversation, an opportunity came up for Alyssa to be a part of The Real List Radio Show. She tried out and it was a hit! She was welcomed to the PreGame Family with open arms. Alyssaʼs tenacity, vivacious and outgoing attitude is the perfect fit for the other half of The Real List Radio Show. Sky is the limit for this lady! 

" Get iT LiVe "  " gEt It LOUD "

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